Spring Clean Your Garden

With Spring already half way through, have you started your Spring Cleaning?

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Wash Away Your Woes – A guide to managing your washing throughout the week

The worst thing about returning home after a holiday is what feels like 50 loads of washing! I started my first load on the first day of the week, and with the help of my lovely Mum, finished on the last day! Continue reading “Wash Away Your Woes – A guide to managing your washing throughout the week”

Lexar JumpDrive M20i

Recently I was looking for a quick and easy way to transfer files and photos from my computer to my iPad and back. I had tried Dropbox, but it always seemed to take so long syncing all of the files and other ways such as emailing the them to myself were just as tedious. So I thought to myself ‘I wish there was a USB flash drive that I could plug into both my iPad and my computer’. I googled my thought and guess what? It actually existed. Continue reading “Lexar JumpDrive M20i”

Freezer Organisation

After being annoyed at having heavy frozen items fall on me every time I opened my freezer, I decided to try a different freezer organisation method. I found some baskets that I could store my freezer items in and easily pull them out to gain full access to the space in my freezer.



Here are the steps I took to organise my freezer:

1. Find some baskets that will fit in the freezer



2. Empty the freezer onto the bench top



3. Wipe down the freezer




4. Sort out the items and discard anything out of date or not required 


5. Arrange items into the baskets



6. Place the baskets into the freezer



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Welcome to Sharing Lifestyles

Sharing Lifestyles came about from sharing recipe creations (particularly Gluten Free), travel stories and a variety of products we have tested and highly recommend.

We believe by sharing with each other we have improved our own lifestyles and we thought why not share our experiences with you. We want to share our lifestyles to inspire people to lead a happy life whether its travelling to places mentioned in our blog, using our recipes for a tasty and delicious meal, household savings or using a cleaning product recommended in our reviews.

We have many years of experience travelling, cooking, organising and cleaning and we feel passionate and inspired to share our knowledge, creations and product reviews.

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